Marin Child Abuse Prevention Council

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The following links provide detailed information about child abuse and neglect.

Sexual Abuse

Indicators of abuse are not in and of themselves conclusive evidence of abuse. They are“clues”or “red flags” that help may be needed.

Physical Indicators

Has torn, stained or bloody underclothing.
Experiences pain or itching in the genital area.
Has bruises or bleeding in external genitalia, vagina or anal region.
Has venereal disease.
Has swollen, or red cervix, vulva, or perineum.
Has semen around the mouth or genitalia and clothing.
Is pregnant.

Behavioral Indicators

Appears withdrawn or engages in fantasy or infantile behavior.
Has poor peer relationships, and seeks out or avoids adults.
Is unwilling to participate in sports or social activities.
Seems ashamed/self conscious of body and hides self.
Is engaging in delinquent acts or runs away.
States s/he has been sexually assaulted or molested by parent or caretaker.
Exhibits sexualized behavior towards adults or other children or has specific knowledge of sex beyond developmental age.
Attempts suicide.
Has school difficulties.

Caretaker's Indicators

Has been sexually abused as a child.
Extremely protective or jealous of child.
Extremely uninterested in child.
Encourages child to engage in prostitution or sexual acts in the presence of caretaker.
Is experiencing marital difficulties.
Misuses alcohol or other drugs.
Is frequently absent from home.

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