Marin Child Abuse Prevention Council

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The following links provide detailed information about child abuse and neglect.


Indicators of abuse are not in and of themselves conclusive evidence of abuse. They are“clues”or “red flags” that help may be needed.

Physical Indicators

Consistently dirty, unwashed, hungry or inappropriately dressed.
Without supervision for extended periods of time, or when engaged in dangerous activities.
Constantly tired/listless.
Has unattended physical problems.
Exploited, overworked.

Behavioral Indicators

Is engaging in delinquent behavior.
Prostitution, stealing.
Is begging or stealing food.
Rarely attends school or stays around school site.
Seems fatigued.
States there is no caretaker or is constant caretaker for other children.
Attempts suicide/drinks/uses drugs.

Caretaker's Indicators

Has history of neglect as a child.
Misuses alcohol or other drugs.
Maintains chaotic home life.
Shows evidence of apathy or futility.
Seems mentally ill.
Has long term chronic illness.
Seems uninterested in child and unavailable to school personnel.

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