Meet Youngest Businessman in India

There is a long list of young entrepreneurs in India who are self-made and started everything from a scratch. Their success stories are an inspiration for all the young people out there. Following are the four youngest businessmen in India:

Pranav Yadav:

Pranav Yadav is the CEO of Neuro-Insight and is one of the youngest businessmen in India. After his completion of the post-grad period at Goldman Sachs and ReD Associates, he lost his visa sponsorship and he had only 90 days to find a new job otherwise he would have to return to India. He worked day and night to find a new job and then he was introduced to the chairman of Neuro-Insight who accepted Yadav as his new CEO. Pranav Yadav found a job on the 89th day of the 90-day span he was given and he was lucky enough to become the CEO of the company.

Farrhad Acidwalla:

Farrhad Acidwalla is among the most successful and famous entrepreneurs of India. Farrhad, at the age of 13, borrowed only Rs. 1200 from his father and built an online community. At 16, he bought an online domain after borrowing only Rs. 500. Now he has managed to gather enough money to start a web developing media firm known as Rockstah media. Farrhad was also interviewed on CNN and now his firm is also been recognized by many big names across the nation. 

Kartikeya Sharma:

Kartikeya Sharma is a very successful and young Indian entrepreneur. He is the founder and Promoter of the iTV network. That is the house of some of the famous news channels such as NewsX and India News and the daily newspapers such as Aaj Samaj. The daily Hindi newspaper Kartikeya Sharma’s Aaj Samaj is also ready to launch its editions and is quickly gaining readers and viewership.

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